Our Services

Bidding Support

Tender Information, Tender Documents, Pre-Tender Notices, etc.

GEM Registration

Company Registration and products / services catalog uploading.

Digital Singature

Class 2 / 3 Singing & Encryption DSC, for all departments accross india, 365 days.

Vendor Registration

You name a department & will get you register in that department.

You'll Always Get the Best Support

Welcome to Bidding Support

The Smartest Thing To Do With Our Bidding Team

The experts from tender industry at your service.

To support clients from each industry and all corners of India, 24x365.

To reach out all the businesses and entrepreneurs to ensure that they participate in tenders inpite of busy schedule or the complex tendering mechanism.

Team work, coordination, liaison, experties, bench mark, technical assistance.

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Our Services

You can choose one or multiple services from the below list and we will ensure that your journey smoothens.


Vendor Enrollment

Right from making system settings to making department charges.


Online Tenders

FOr Departments like E-Procurement, Tender Wizard, N-Procurement, etc.


Class 2 / 3

Signing, Encryption and USB token delivered all over India.

Tender Searching

Live Tenders

For all tenders, all departments accross india, 365 days.



Reading and evaluating tender documents to make tendering easy.

Techinical Support

Error Free Bidding

Troubleshooting, DSC Installation, System Settings, Compatibility Settings.

You'll Always Get the Best Guidance

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Professionals are masters that plan and execute strategies in defined ways to achieve success. We follows the below working structure for bidding of our valuable clients online tenders

Tender Searching

1000+ tenders are published daily accross India. It becomes difficult to search tenders. We search the required tender document for you.

Technical Support

Different websites need different software versions in the system so that DSC functions smoothly. We do all those settings to make system compatible with bidding websites.

Vendor Enrollment

Vendor Enrollment is compulsary for bidding tenders. It is free form some department while paid for others. We enroll you as vendor for any department accross India.

Cumulating Documents

We prepare a list of documents desired in the tender so that it becomes easy to fill the tender. You just need to print, stamp, sign and scan the documents.

Tender Filling

We connect with your system using remote applications and fill the tender. You just need to keep ready all the documents as mentioned in cumulating documents.

Tender Submission

Tender submission is a very important stage. We rehearse the entire procedure and check for discrepancies. Upon your final confirmation we submit the tender.